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Ver. 1.00 - beta 7 version

- New Feature [2nd Feb, 2017]: Newly support alias variables by adding AliasVar command. Any character can be used as alias of actual variable character.

Maximum 10 aliases can be used.

Replacable variables are single letter variables shown charactors page by [CHAR].

Variable name and matrix name are replaced by alias at the same time.

 (example) AliasVar A=α
After setting the alias α, α is available as variable insead of variable A. Real entity of α is A, so the above expresisono is identical with A+100→A

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Ver. 1.00 - beta 6 version

- New Feature [2nd Feb, 2017]: Newly support variable r and θ as same as genuine Casio Basic. As an extended feature of C.Basic r and θ can be used local variable as well as global.

These new variables r and θ can be used for matrix name, so descrition such as θ1, θ5 (abbreviation of matrix expression) can be used.

New Feature [2nd Feb, 2017]: Newly support fraction character (operator) "/" (line mode).

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Ver. 1.00 - beta 5a version

Bug Fix [29th Jan, 2017]: In SD version, navigation in File List Page was slow. This is hopefully fixed (may not be...).

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Ver. 1.00 - beta 5 version (hopefully supporting SD)

Note) This version is for trial to support SD version of fx-9860G Sries. Develper team do not have SD version of these calcs and did not check with real calc yet. We appreciate any feedback from useres. 

- Spec Change [26th Jan, 2017]: Text file handing spec is changed. Text file could not be saved. When tried to save text file, the file was autoatically converted to g1m file and then saved as g1m file. This spec is now changed, text file can be separately handled from g1m file.

If tou wan to save text file with automatically converted g1m file, set "Force g1m save" on in Setup Page.

With this new spec, you can enjoy C.Basic with only text file.

Bug Fix [26th Jan, 2017]: Bugs in copy and renamne of text file is fixed.

Bug Fix [26th Jan, 2017]: g1m file including a long string in multiple lines within " " failed converting to text file, special charactors could not properly converting to text. This is fixed.

- New Feature [26st Jan, 2017]: When use graphic drawing commands (genuine Casio Basic commands), set "@" right after one of those commands to allow drawing in current VRAM, regardless text or graphic mode.
 (example) Locate 2,2,"String"
       Text @16,1,"TextString"
 The Text command draw in text VRAM, not in graphic mode.

- Spec Change [26th Jan, 2017]: FkeyMenu(, ReadGraph( and WriteGraph commands draw in current VRAM. It depended on VRAM mode, but is changed.

New Feature [26st Jan, 2017]: A new key scan command KeyRow( is added.

    returing bits (in binary)
    bit6   bit5   bit4   bit3   bit2   bit1
  09 F1    F2     F3     F4     F5     F6   09
  08 SHIFT  OPTN  VARS   MENU  ←    ↑  08
  07 ALPHA  ^2    ^    EXIT    ↓    →    07
  06 XTT   log     ln    sin    cos    tan   06
  05 ab/c  F<>D   (     )     ,    →  05
  04 7    8    9     DEL             04
  03 4    5    6      x      div        03
  02 1    2    3      +     -         02
  01 0    .     EXP    (-)    EXE        01

 (example) KeyRow(9)
  When press [F4] and [F6] keys at the same time, bit3 and bit1 come to 1, then return value is 2^3 + 2^1 = 10.

- New Feature [26th Jan, 2017]: A new command Menu (same as genuine Casio Basic) is added.

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Ver. 1.00 - beta 3 version (hopefully supporting SD)

Note) This version is for trial to support SD version of fx-9860G Sries. Develper team do not have SD version of these calcs and did not check with real calc yet. We appreciate any feedback from useres. 

Bug Fix [25th Jan, 2017]StrLeft did not work. this is fixed.

Bug Fix [25th Jan, 2017]: An expression ScreenG in manual and sample program was wring. This should be Screen.G (needed a dot). this is fixed.

- Bug Fix [21st Jan, 2017]: When SD capacity is 4GB or more, an indication of memory free was wrong. This is fixed.

- New Feature [20th Jan, 2017]: In SD version calcs, g1m files in SD card can be run and editedable.

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Ver. 1.00 - beta version

Bug Fix [25th Jan, 2017]StrLeft did not work. this is fixed.

Bug Fix [25th Jan, 2017]: An expression ScreenG in manual and sample program was wring. This should be Screen.G (needed a dot). this is fixed.

- Improveent [19th Jan, 2017]: When font charactor is drawn by Text comamnd, top 1 pixel line was cleared. This is not compatible with genuine Casio Basic because Casio Basic uses 6 dots height for font, but C.Basic used 7 dots heighet for font (due to specification of PrintMini() function of Casio SDK). This is improved to be compatible with genuine Casio Basic.

- Bug Fix [18th Jan, 2017]: _Vertical was enbuged. this is fixed.

Bug Fix [18th Jan, 2017]: In fx-9860GII OS2.09, system error may occur at starting of program. This is fixed.

- Bug Fix [17th Jan, 2017]: Small letter matrix abbreviation (a[1], a2, etc) cannot be used. This is fixed.

- Improvement [17th Jan, 2017]: Uasage of String variable Str is extended. When start index (of charactor array) is 0 (zero), an expression "Str 0" is now available.
 (example) '#Mat 0
       "String"→Str 0

- New Feature [17th Jan, 2017]: Add new function MatBase( that returns start index of matrix.
 (example) '#Mat 0
       10→Mat A
       MatBase( Mat A )
 This returns 0 (zero).

- Bug Fix [17th Jan, 2017]: Comamnds that convert to text with use of ElemSize(, RowSize( and ColSize( as parameter did not properly work. This is fixed.

- Improvement [17th Jan, 2017]:  Intermediate code of DotPut( and Sprintf( were same as genuine Casio Basic codes. The redundant codes of the extended commands are changed.
 DotPut( = DotP : 0xF94B -> 0xF74B
 Sprintf( = Vct  : 0xF73E -> 0xF743

 C.Basic Ver 1.00 automatically corrects the redundancy of the intermediate codes when it reads old program created by older version, so you can properly execute or edit the modified program as usual. 
 DotTrim( and  DotGet( are also automatically treated for the conversion in the same way.

- New Feature [17th Jan, 2017]: C.Basic supports MonochromeLib "Ultra Fast Graphic Library for fx-9860G Series". See MonochromeLib Web Site for details. Following commands are available;

 This ML commans access hardware indepententy from Casio Basic commands and are totally deferent command system.
 These comamnds operate current VRAM, so VRAM data should be transferred to LDC (LCD refreshing) is required in oorder to display the drawing result by use of PutoDispDD or other equivalent commands.
 See manual (this will be prepared in English shortly) to use the ML commands. Some simple sample programs are included in ML_sample folder.

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Ver. 0.99v - alpha version

New Feature [11th Jan, 2017]: When actual matrix substance for A0 ~ A9 allocated and also try accessing to A0 ~ A9, the matrix substance is automatically allocated.

 (example) A1+123→B5
 Since Mat A and Mat B are not alocated yet at timing of access to the variables A1 and B1, followings are automatically carried out
  9→Dim A
  9→Dim B
then A1 ~ A9 and B1 ~ B9 come to be ready to use.

  '#Mat 0
 Since Mat A and Mat B are not alocated yet at timing of access to the variables A1 and B5,
  10→Dim A
  10→Dim B
are automatically carried out and then A0~A9 and B0~B9 come to be ready to use.

  '#Mat 0
  2→Dim B
 Since Mat A is not allocated and size of Mat B is allocated,
  10→Dim A
are automatically carried out but size of Mat B is smaller than Mat A, so accessing to B5 gives Error. Then A0~A9 and B-~B5 come to be ready to use.

New Feature [9th Jan, 2017]: New feature to access to matrix by suffix 0 (zero) is added with a condition. Suffix 0 can be used for only matrix which is set to use 0 for first index. You can set the start index as 0 in Set Up page or by matrix initialization by '#Mat 0.

 Matrix      Array    Variable
 A[0,0]      A[0]      A0
 A[1,0]      A[1]      A1
 A[2,0]      A[2]      A2
 A[3,0]      A[3]      A3
 A[4,0]      A[4]      A4
 A[5,0]      A[5]      A5
 A[6,0]      A[6]      A6
 A[7,0]      A[7]      A7
 A[8,0]      A[8]      A8
 A[9,0]      A[9]      A9

  '#Mat 0
  10→Dim A

New Feature [8th Jan, 2017]: New feature to access to matrix is added. In order to use a matrix as an array, we can use A[0] instead of A[0,1]. Now we can use A0 instead of A[0,1] as a new feature.
 Matrix      Array    Variable
 A[1,1]      A[1]      A1
 A[2,1]      A[2]      A2
 A[3,1]      A[3]      A3
 A[4,1]      A[4]      A4
 A[5,1]      A[5]      A5
 A[6,1]      A[6]      A6
 A[7,1]      A[7]      A7
 A[8,1]      A[8]      A8
 A[9,1]      A[9]      A9

  '#Mat 1
  10→Dim A

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Ver. 0.99u - alpha version

Bug Fix [7th Jan, 2017]: When save Text file (*.txt), the file is automatically converted to g1m file, but the saved & converted file name still had ".txt". This is fixed. In C.Basic texr file cannot be saved as text file.

New Feature [7th Jan, 2017]: In Edit Screen, Command List window pop up by pressing [OPTN], [VARS] or [SHIFT][VARS] (PRGM). The Command List window accept cursor key [←] or [→] to move betoween command groups.

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Ver. 0.99t - alpha version

- Bug Fix [1st Jan, 2017]: Calculation of day of the week (using Zeller's congruence) was fixed.

- New Feature [31st Dec, 2016]: DATE / TIME can be updated in Setup Page.

- New Feature [26th Dec, 2016]: Add DATE and TIME commands which contains read out date and time from RTC chip of fx-9860G / fx-9860GII.
 The DATE and TIME can be used as variable of string type.

 (example) "2016/12/26"→DATE
 (example) DATE
  This command displays
  2016/12/26 MON
 The day of the week is automatically calculated.

 (example) "23:59:59"→TIME
 (example) TIME
  This command displays

 - New Feature [26th Dec, 2016]: In Editor Screen, Comamnd List Page comes by pressing [F3] key. In the Command List Page you can jump to deferent command groups by cursor key [←] and [→].

  • STD: Basic Command group
  • GR: Graphics command group
  • FN: Function group
  • STR: String command group
  • EX: Extended comamnd group

- Improvment [26th Dec, 2016]: Buffer size for string process is increased from 128 bytes to 256 bytes.

Improvment [26th Dec, 2016]: Internal buffer size used for convertion to text file is increase by factor of 1.5 to 2.

Improvment [26th Dec, 2016]: Editable program size was limited to about 32 KB. This is increased to maximum 62 KB.  

⇒ Download Ver0.99t

Ver. 0.99s - alpha version

Caution: Some source file created in Ver0.99r or earlier may have problem in Ver0.99s due to bug fix, but this problem can be solved by proper procedure. ⇒ see more for details

Bug Fix [15th Dec, 2016]: In Integer Mode, Sprintf did not accept display of real number. This bug is fixed. 
 (example) Sprintf("A=%3.2f",#12.345)

- Spec Change [14th Dec, 2016]: Evaluation of Real Number expression by prefix # in Sprintf, Locate and Text is changed. In Integer Mode variables are still in integer.

  • Before the change: The evaluation of expression are done in real number, then integer variable requires to add %.
  • After the change: The evaluation of expression is done in real number but variables are treated as integer then % is not required to be added. 

- Bug Fix [14th Dec, 2016]: When "Save File Nmae?" pops up by [EXIT] key after editing of your source, back groud is irrelevant to the edited source. This bug is fixed.

- Bug Fix [13th Dec, 2016]: Prefix # in Real Number Mode did not work, then fixed.
 (example) #123.56+100

- New command [13th Dec, 2016]: Disp 
 (example) Disp A
 Disp display as same as ◢ does, but does not halt the program.

- Bug Fix [13th Dec, 2016]: An intermediate code of "RefreshCtrl" was wrong, then fixed.
 RefreshCtrl = DotG : 0xF7F9 -> 0xF7F8

- Bug Fix [13th Dec, 2016]: An intermediate code of "DotTrim(" and "DotGet(" was wrong, used same code of "Dot" and "DotG" in genuin Casio Basic. Then changed the code of "DotTrim(" and "DotGet(", fixed.
 DotGet( = DotG : 0xF73F -> 0xF73E
 DotTrim( = Dot : 0xF74F -> 0xF73D

⇒ Download Ver0.99s

Ver. 0.99r - alpha version

- Improvement [24th Jul, 2016]: When hidden RAM area is run out, new area can be secured from heal area. 

- Bug Fix [21st Jul, 2016]: When hiden RAM is set to use and matrix cannot be allocated, a recovery process for this case was wrong, then fixed.

- Improvement [20th Jul, 2016]: Hidden RAM feature is implemented and this can be allocated for program and matrix.
 Memory size allocated for program and matrix is totally 265KB.
 File List buffer is fixed in heap area.

- Improvement [20th Jul, 2016]: Free area of storage memory and number of files are displayed in top of File List.
 The free area of storage memory is decreasing as saving program, doing copy or remane of files, so optimization of memory is required when the free area is getting less (good indicator for a timing of memory optomization).

- Bug Fox [20th Jul, 2016]: ClrMat could not entirely delete a matrix, fixed.

- Bug Fix [20th Jul, 206]: Function "Int" was mixed up with "Intg", so "Int" was fied and "Intg" was added.

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