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#1 - Caution : Version up from 0.99r to 0.99s

In C.Basic Ver0.99r, intermediate code used for Dot and DotG (genuine Casio Basic) are same for DotTrim, DotGet and RefreshCtrl (C.Basic). So intermediate code for DotTrim, DotGet and RereshCtrl are changed in Ver 0.99s;

DotGet(     = DotG : 0xF73F -> 0xF73F
DotTrim(    = Dot   : 0xF74F -> 0xF73D
RefreshCtrl = DotG : 0xF7F9 -> 0xF7F8

Due to this change, program source created in Ver 0.99r using those 3 commands will have error in Ver 0.99s or later.

In order to avoid the program in Ver 0.99s or later, we offer following procedure;

  1. In Ver0.99r convert the program source to text file (in File List page, select the file and press [F6](▶) [F1](Text)).
  2. Run Ver0.99s or later and open the text file (press [F2](EDIT)).
  3. Make change in the file (for example, press [EXE] and then press [DEL], so there is no change in source level, but the file is changed).
  4. Press [EXIT] and save the file with same file name (press [EXE] and [F1]) or get rid of txt extension and save (delete extention and dot, press [EXE] and [F1], so save this as g1m file). During the save process of text file, the intermediate code are correctly converted.  

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