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Conway's Game of Life

Auther: Krtyski

This program is to test and improve a potential of C.Basic (interpreter) and C:Basic (compailer), and now this program is for one of our bench test for C.Basic.

Genuine Casio Basic is not capable to implement this type of program. This program source uses C.Basic extended comamnds, so does not run in genuine Casio Basic.

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Over Clock Tools 

Auther: sentaro21

Ftune, Ftune2 and Ptune are developed to run programs faster in CASIO calcs provided as Add-In program;

- Ftune: for fx-9860G and fx-9860GII (SH3 processor)

- Ftune2: for fx-9860GII (SH4A processor)

- Ptune: for PRIZM fx-CF10 and fx-CG20.

These tools allow you to over-clock in relatively safe. Just press [F5] key for default faster setting that is not for extremely fast, but safely fast.

You can set to get much drastically faster, but be careful your calc may be bricked.

Use this with C.Basic, your Casio Basic program is boosted up!

In either case using safe setting ([F5] seting) or hotter setting, all results are in your own risk. Nobody other than you can be responsible!

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C.Basic (Interpreter) 

Auther: sentaro21

The first version was created on Oct. 21, 2015, since then C.Basic has been improved and come to stable.

Once the latest version is released, in a mean while it used to be updated still with the same version for bug fix and small improvement.

Please keep checking latest update in latest version at download page. Or please use 2nd latest vrsion.

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