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Inside Casio Basic - Compatibility

It's remarkable but unfortunately not so well know that Casio Basic (especially installed in following Programable Cacls) is a structured Basic.
- fx-5800P
- fx-9860G Series (OS 2 or later)
- fx-9860GII Series
- fx-CG10 / fx-CG20 / CG50
- fx-FD10 Pro

Casio Basic in those calcs are almost compatible between them, especially in 9860GII Series and fx-CG10/20/50 it's completely compatible. I believe fx-5800P version of Casio Basic is better than others. For example commands such like " ", ?, ?→,  are functioning a little bit deferently from other (graphing) calcs and is more user-friendly. This should be introduced in "Inside Casio Basic". fx-FD10 Pro verison of Casio Basic includes the good funxtionality of fx-5800P. FD10 Pro is uniquecalc, because it has hardware of fx-9860GII inside but add-in is not supported. 

Reference of Casio Basic
Description for Casio Basic in User's Manual is very much minimal and absolutely insufficient. This Reference pages explain each command with undocumented specification. 

Program Library
I would like to introduce interesting programs that show capability of Casio Basic. 

Programming Tips
Casio Basic has limited but sufficient commands and functionality. I would like to introduce some programming tips that are useful codes as "set sequence". 


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