C.Basic - Interpreter

C.Basic is a Casio Basic interpreter, an Add-in program for Casio fx-9860G Series, running faster and providing something you cannot do with original Casio Basic;

Many of your Casio Basic codes (fx-5800P, fx-9860G Series, fx-CG10/20) are available on C.Basic (not 100%).

Your Casio Basic code runs much faster with C.Basic.

More variables (a - z, small letters), more variable types [byte (8bit) and double (64bit)], local variables, more flexible matrix feature directly linked to bitmap data, bitmap operation commands, timer command, etc.

Variable value check, step-in, step-over, break point, etc.


How to Use

  1. Install C.Basic Add-in file (CBASIC.g1a) to your fx-9860G Series.
  2. Copy Casio Basic program file (*.g1m) to storage memory of your fx-9860G Series.
  3. Start up C.Basic
  4. In File List, select file and run or edit it.
  5. In File List, create new program file.
  6. Enjoy the fast and flexible feature of C.basic

... details are under construction...


Command Reference

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Download & Change Log

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