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Conway's Game of Life

- Author: Krtyski

- Program File: g1m file, running on C.Basic for FX (fx-9860G / GII Series)

- Requirement: C.Basic (get latest verison)

- Recomend: Over-Clock with Ftune (for fx-9860G/GII SH3 version or Gtune2 SH4 verison).

- Download: Game of Live Ver 0.74 (zip file)
With normal clock (29MHz) this program runs slow. If over-clocked to 236MHz or higher, you may feel more confortable.


- Download: Game of Life Ver 0.84 (zip file) 
You can enjoy Game of Life with high enough speed even with normal clock (29MHs). This version uses a special command for benchmark purpose to simulate C:Basic a comiler version. The special command is dedicated for Game of Life to update bitmap data from a generation to the next generation. Using the special "Game of Life" comamnd, it can be simulated how fast the native code runs. you'll see the version 0.84 runs much faster than verion 0.74 in factor of 10. 

Start the program
Unzip the downloaded file and transfer all the g1m files to storage memory (use FA-124A, a PC link software). LMAP1.g1m is a sub-routine file. Start main program, LIFE074.g1m or LIFE084.g1m.

How to play
Starting the main program, select how to set initial cell pattern by pressing [F1] or [F6].

Press [F1] (Draw New Pattern) to show a simple instruction, then press [F1] again to start making initial cell perttern. 1 dot is 1 cell. Press [EXE] to show cross hair, move the cross hair using [up], [down], [left] or [right] key, pressing once is to move one dot. Then press [EXE] to draw one dot there. User can repeat this until finishing the initial cell pattern. 

Press [F6] (Select Pattern) to select pre-set initial cell patterns. 15 patterns are pre-set. Press [up] or [down] to select pattern. Press [F1] to fix the selection. User can add dots to the selected pettern. Press [EXE] to indicate cress hair then move it and press [EXE] again to add one dot drawn in the same way explained above.  

In either way of setting initial cell pattern, now it's ready to go. At this moment it's generation 0 (zero). User should press [DEL] to step in 'generation 1' of cell pattern. This program counts the generation in this way.

Press [(-)] to go step-by-step (generation-by-generation) or press [EXE] to continue updating generation. Current generation is indicated in top-right of your screen. Press [EXIT] to quit the program.

Right after pressing [EXIT] before the program completely quitted, screen shows some informaiton; the last generation number, time to get the generation and an instruction to swap to graphics screen.

User can save the graphics screen image of the last generation. Press [SHIFT][F6] to swap to graphics screen of the last generation, then press [SHIFT][7] (CAPTURE) to save the screen image in PICTURE format. User could save up to maximum 20 images and can download the image to PC in bitmap format (*.bmp) using FA-124A, a PC link software.

# 1 and 2 preset with 5 dots is famous pattern.

#3 preset pattern gets to stable state at generation 517, but not so famous. We use this as speed benckmark of C.Basic.

#4 preset expands laterally and interesting, but not so famous.

#5 preset expands to entire screen, so we also use this for benchmark.

#6 preset shows rather long generation.

#7 - #15 presets are very famous patterns in the history of Conway's game of life. 


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