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How to get Casio SDK

for fx-9860G / fx-9860GII (SH3) / fx-9860GII (SH4A)

  1. Get product barcode# of your fx-9860G Series
  2. Go to 'Casio Worldwide Education Website (WEW)'
  3. Go to Download Resources:
  4. fx-9860G is is fully compatible, but could be used with fx-9860GII.See those files for details.

    Casio SDK の入手方法

    fx-9860G / fx-9860GII (SH3) / fx-9860GII (SH4A) 向け

    1. fx-9860G シリーズのバーコード番号を入手
    2. 'Casio Worldwide Education Website (WEW)'にアクセス
    3. 'Download Resources'にアクセス:
    4. fx-9860G に完全対応、但しfx-9860GIIでも使える。詳しくはこれらファイルを参照。

    inserted by FC2 system